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The phone is pretty fast, thanks to a 1.4 processor,ensures seamless and smooth operation of rich applications with no lag time.
The 1650mah battery,well i can not get more than 14h.That includes talking,internet surff,music.
The oversized 4” Super AMOLED display lets you enjoy all your favourite videos and more,i love it!
It has bright colors,and a gorilla glass withch is durable enough to resist many real-world events that commonly cause glass failure, enabling exciting new applications in technology and design.
Take a look at this video and see how much punishment the phone can take

The 5.0mpx camera is preaty good.Whith auto focus, white Balance White balance supported.I installed  HDR Camera app,and i can say that my i9001 takes superb pictures & let's not forget the beautyfull panoramic feature,wear you can take panoramic pictures .Download HDR CAMERA APK
The Galaxy S Plus is among the HD-capable smartphones out there. It can record up to 720p videos (1280 x 720) at 30 fps.You can manualy zoom in or out whit pinch to zoom feature or whit volum + and volume - button.
Take a look at this video,uploaded                                              
on Youtube CAMERA TEST 1                                                            

The Gps is very good,but it takes some time to grab on to satelites.To fix that i use GPS Status app.Google Maps is a very good app for navigation,but sadly it is not operating offline fully.It has a precache feature witch offers 10miles of offline navigation.
If you want a good offline navigation app i recommend Copilot Live 8 Pro
screenshot  screenshot    screenshotscreenshot

When the gps,bluetooth,or 3g is on,the battery will not last more then 8 hours.Any way when you go on the road whit your phone in a car,i recomand a car charger for your smartphone.,i use my data cable frome my phone plus a car charger whit a usb connector.


  • Remove scratches 

 If you noticed  ''small - fine'' scratches, or your phone screen is not as fine as a baby's ass anymore :) than i have a solution ! BUT it work's good on a Gorilla Glass screen and it depends on how serious the scratch is!

What you need is :

  • Clean, soft cloth 
  • Window cleaner solution
  • Toothpaste

  1. We clean the screen whit a cloth and a window cleaner solution, to degrease it.
  2. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the screen (as half a pea) then we will spread equally over the entire screen.(do not get the toothpaste between the screen and frame just because will remain white from the toothpaste and it is annoying to remove it)
  3. Rubb the screen in a circular motion (whit the toothpaste) until you notice that screen becomes cleaner and there is no more toothpaste on it.
  4. Take a new clean & soft cloth and clean the screen again whit  window cleaner.
If you are not satisfied than repeat the procedures.
I tested on a Samsung Galaxy S 2 !


  • How to's :

1.Like any computer ,Samsung G.S.+ is recommended to be rebooted sometimes to emty cache and to refresh ''the brain'' especially if you experiance some lag.

2. Upgrade firmware on Samsung I9001 via Kies - the ''3% problem''? 

                                                                                                 (official samsung video)

Well Kies still does not work as it shoud .If you find your self in a similar situation

when you update your phone and after the update starts and it reaches 3% and it stop's ?Than unplug your usb cable frome your computer and try a other usb port ''specially main usb port''(from the back of your computer).
Restart the update procces.Kies will show a error ''unable to update'' hit emergency recovery in Kies menu or window and retry.

3.FAQs Samsung Galaxy S How to Video(i9000 similar to i9001)good video.

                                                                                (official samsung video)


                                                                               A)Available memory

                                                                               C)Pc connection
                                                                               D)Kies settings
                                                                               F)Sync account
                                                                               G)Task manager instalation

4.Remember it is recommended to make a '' Factory Format '' before or after firmware flash,useing the Secret code *2767*3855# -WARNING! ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED AS SOON AS YOU TYPE IN THE FINAL #! IT DOES NOT ASK FOR CONFIRMATION!

ATENTION! : I am not responsible of any issues you might have by using my guide. Flashing always includes a risk of bricking your device. Dont come to cry. You've been warned! 

For the best battery life use the folow (and it is recommended after every rom flash):

1.Root (easy guide-how to + file )Click me.

2.Download BatteryCalibration form Android Market .

3.Folow batterycalibration app's guide(charge the battery to 100% and hit Battery Calibration button)

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