29 Feb 2012

New custom Rom - BroodROM RC3 (Revision 2)

Well i can say that the instalation was like a walk in the parc,after all finshed ,the phone bootup animation is superb and the keyboard is beautifull.

- I9001XXKQ1 (KPI) (Android 2.3.6)
- 1 Odin package with recovery hang fix included
- Rooted
- Deodexed
- FeaMod Recovery v1.4 (based on CWM Recovery v5.5.0.4) 
- Feacore Phoenix v1.4 Non OC/UV

- ICS Theme v3.0 by Reneph/RavoxX including:
-- Extended Power Menu
-- AOSP Lockscreen
-- Lock animation: Shutdown-style Old TV
-- SMS Mod
-- Changed default wallpaper (for broodROM RC3)
-- Removed Battery Charged Notification (for broodROM RC3)
-- ICS Grey Keyboard (by fadzlihellmuth)

- Two Launchers:
- Go Launcher EX 2.78 with ICS Theme
-- Changed default wallpaper of Go Launcher EX ICS Theme
- Touchwiz 4

- Custom Boot Animation support, ICS boot animation (sanim.zip)
- Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 GPU Drivers
- Extended Status Bar Mod 

- Handy "first boot setup" application (instead of broodROMRC3_Configuration.zip) allows you to:
-- Choose between Universal Adrenaline Shot 13 or Thunderbolt 2.5
-- Choose additional apps to install
-- Install extra Adrenaline Shot 13/Thunderbolt Tweaks

-- Fully automated installation (or manually in CWM)

Example configuration:

- Removed Bloatware:
-- Aldiko
-- Beach
-- Days
-- Dual Clock
-- Genie Widget
-- HRS Hotels
-- Info Alarm
-- Kies Air
-- Layar
-- Mini Diary
-- Music Hub
-- Press Reader
-- Pro Tips
-- Samsung Apps:
* Widget Clock
* Program Monitor
* Stock Clock
-- Samsung Service App
-- Sim Toolkit
-- Write and Go

- Serious GPS Tweak (improves GPS allot)

- Build.prop tweaks:
-- 3G Tweaks
-- No black screen when calling bug
-- No call out delay
-- Power saving tweaks
-- Better responsiveness

- No Adds (hosts file)
- Default i9001 boot sound but 50% less volume

Solution for Camera Error:
Open the QuickPanel Settings app > Widget Buttons > uncheck "Toggle LED flashlight" that fixes the camera. (thanks to dr.wtf)

- Installation for broodROM RC3 Revision 2 - 
(RC3 is not required for Revision 2) 

1. If you have CWM installed: format all partitions. If you don't have CWM installed do a Hard Reset (*2767*3855#) Note: A hard reset also wipes your sdcard, make sure you got it backed up
Note: A format or hard reset is not always needed, you can always try keeping your data and flashing broodROM RC3, wiping dalvik cache is still needed tho
2. Put your phone in download mode (when off hold: vol -, home, power)
3. Start Odin, Choose AriesVE.ops file, check "One Package", choose: "broodROMRC3_r2.tar.md5" > Click Start
4. Wait till the process is complete, now your phone will reboot and show you recovery mode, now choose reboot system now by pressing the menu button
5. Now open the "broodROM RC3 First run setup" tool and set your preferences. broodROM RC3 Revision 2 is now ready to use!
6. Set animations to a few. (settings > display > animations) For the shutdown-style old TV animation


                                                                           Download broodROM_RC3_R2


 Dont forget to connect your usb cable to the back of your PC ! And if you will have an Market error ''There is insufficient space on the device'' then download Market Fix from android market.