14 Jan 2012


Thanks to XDA-Developers and members broodROM RC2 is a beautiful new costum ROM based on xxkps firmware & Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0) theme.

Features for broodROM RC2 :

 - I9001XXKPS (Android 2.3.6)
- No boot Sound*
- 2 Odin packages for most compatibility (no hangs)
- Support for All Languages*
- Disabled Media Scan on Boot*
- CWM Recovery v5.0.2.7. based FeaMod Recovery v.1.3 without OC/UV 
- ICS Theme 1.7 by Reneph with MODS or XXKPS Stock Theme with MODS*
- Custom Icons
- Changed Default wallpaper
- Added Remove Battery Charged Notification
- Extended Power Menu
- AOSP Lockscreen
- Big/Small Caller Photo*
- Non Increasing Ringtone Volume
- Flip-To-Mute
- Three Launchers: 
- Go Launcher EX 2.70 with ICS Theme 
- Touchwiz 3 (XXKPS Default)
- Touchwiz 4
- Rooted
- Deodexed
- Zipaligned
- Custom Boot Animation support, broodROM RC2 bootscreen (sanim.zip)
- Lock animation: Shutdown-style Old TV
- Adrenaline Shot 13
- Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 GPU Drivers
- Removed Bloatware
- Set CPU governor* (addition to Adrenaline Shot 13)
- Set I/O Shelduler* (addition to Adrenaline Shot 13)
- Camera Hack (take photo's with the power button) 
- 3G Tweaks
- GPS Tweaks*
- No black screen when calling bug
- No call out delay
- Wifi Tweaks
- Better responsiveness 
- No Adds
- Some other minor tweak

I can say that i was wery happy after instalation.
It is fast,smooth,great,stable firmware,love the blue notification bar.This firmware comes whit 3 launchers :Go launcher,Tw.4 and stock.

I didn't find any buggs yet,and I noticed that the battery last long after installing the Battery Tweak and BatteryCalibration(from Market)
And last but not least,you may have noticed that the GPS fix is slow on uder firmwares,but on  broodROM RC2 after installing FastFix ,BusyBox,GPS Status, it was a 15 second GPS fixation !
You are responsible for your Phone! Blah Blah Blah... I am not responsible for your bricked phones.

- Installation for broodROM RC2 - 

1. If you have CWM installed: format all partitions. If you don't have CWM installed do a Hard Reset (*2767*3855#) Note: A hard reset also wipes your sdcard, make sure you got it backed up
Please note that a format or hard reset is not always needed, you can always try keeping your data and flashing broodROM RC2, wiping dalvik cache is still needed tho
2. Put your phone in download mode (when off hold: vol -, home, power)
3. Start Odin, Choose AriesVE.ops file, check "One Package", choose: "broodROMRC2.tar.md5" > Click Start
4. Wait till the process is complete, now your phone will reboot and show you recovery mode, press the home button (middle button) once and wait
5. Now your phone will reboot again and show you a black boot screen, this is normal because the kernel isn't flashed yet.. 
6. When your phone booted choose your language and turn your phone off, put it in download mode again (when off hold: vol -, home, power)
7. Now restart Odin and do the same as step 2 but then choose "broodROMRC2_KERNEL.tar.md5" > Click Start 
8. After the installation of the kernel you can start enjoying broodROM RC2
9. Don't forget to set animations to a few. (settings > display > animations) For the shutdown-style old TV animation

ATENTION! : I am not responsible of any issues you might have by using my guide. Flashing always includes a risk of bricking your device. Dont come to cry. You've been warned! 
           - Download RC2 Final - 
     DOWNLOAD LINK(multiupload)
                     - Extra - 
   A) Battery Tweak
To install:

1. Put phone in debugging mode (settings > applications > developement)
2. connect phone to pc with usb
3. run the PushBatteryTweak.bat file (on pc) to push the file to your phone 

   B)Remove Flip to Mute or Non Increasing Ringtone