9 Jan 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich(theme update)

The Ice Cream Sandwich theme got better !

Ice Cream Sandwich interface is more beautiful than the previous version and it is more user friendly than the previous version of the ICS+ . Ice Cream Sandwich release was actually to beat the main competitor of the android which is iPhone 4s and we think that it is well competing with its major competitor.
ICS launcher works on Android 2.1 and higher , this APK launcher is easy to use , Download and install it to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich on your Android Device whether Tablet or Mobile Phone.
You can see in my screen capture that there is ICS Status bar ! whit blue battery icon.I say that this is the best one I ever seen soo far.
ICS is the latest source code for the Android devices, this source code has been released. This newest version of Android operating system was claimed to have mnay more new features.                                                                 
Download Here The Full Pack -Stable. MUST uninstall and re-install first.
In 3rd party launchers, you get the advantage of extra settings to further tweak your desktop to your liking. Something new that we added to ICS, as well as Omega, is a custom carrier and banner name slot. Basically a whole in-launcher status bar that is completely customizable. ICS launcher also fully supports Horizontal mode so any devices, such as tablets, can use it.