6 Jan 2012

My Favorit Firmware

  Today I flash'd my i9001 whit Android 2.3.6 I9001XXKPS VDH = Hungary [04.11.2011] and i can say that it is '' so far so good ''. I9001XXKPS firmware is stable,most stable firmware witch i flashed until now !
The region is : Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK, (Branded: no) 
Compared to I9001XXKPU,I9001XXKPS is so far lagg free,super smooth scrolling,and battery efficient to.(it depends on what programs u use and how much you use it)! 

To get the most out of your battery u can do this : 
 1. Turn off: background data by: menu/settings/Accounts and sync. 
 2. Turn off: applications by: menu/settings/Applications 
 3. Just setting network mode 3G (only use WCDMA not GSM/WCDMA auto mode) 
 4. Uncheck Haptic feedback
 5. Use a static ''Black'' wallpaper ! 

 Wen I go to Task Manager (holding the Home button down) to check out my RAM I see that it is pretty low 188/352 MB.(after a reboot)witch meens that it is not memory hungry.

If you are interested about this firmware try to 
give a look at this page ''Latest Firmware'' .

Applications that I instaled:
Animated Clock Widget,Gps Status,Copilot Live8 Pro,Navigon,Messenger,Ion Road,BusyBox(rooted),Calling Flip,FasterFix(for gps lagg fix),Hdr Camera,Lapse It Pro,Root Exoplorer,Superuser,and all stock apps witch came whit the Android 2.3.6 I9001XXKPS VDH firmware.

I forgot to mention that i also Rooted my phone today.
What is rooting?
Full control over your system
Ability to alter system files. You can replace many parts of the "Android Core"
Run special apps that need more control over the system
Backup your system
The good thing about having root is you can go back if you want.

If you wanna root your phone go to Flashing Rom-Guides page.