26 Jul 2012

New stock 9001XXKQI Baltick 2.3.6

HOW To Flash:

ATENTION! : I am not responsible of any issues you might have by using my guide. Flashing always includes a risk of bricking your device. Dont come to cry. You've been warned!  

The firmwares(roms) are here Link

-Download ODIN Multidownloader 4.43. Link: ODIN LINK
-After it has downloaded, extract it anywhere u want (i suggest desktop, easier)
-Power off your phone.
-Put your phone into downloading mode. Hold together: Power+Volume Down+Home (phone boots to Downloading mode)
-Connect your phone to PC via USB cable. 
-Wait for the drivers to install. After that, in ODIN, one of the top line "bars" should turn yellow and some text should appear there.
-Download the AriesVE.ops file and check it as OPS.Link to download
-Then check the 'one package' from the top left 
-The ROM you've downloaded, check it as one package. If it's MD5 file. Then click flash.
-Flashing will take about 9 minutes. 
-When you see "Close serial port and wait until rebooting" in odin, you can unplug your phone.
-If the flashing doesn't complete. Or you face some other problems, just try another USB port, or computer if possible

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