11 Jun 2012

I9001BUKP9 official from Kies

New GT-I9001 - Germany (Vodafone)

CSC: I9001VD2KP4
Date: 2012-06-05

Please comment below to let us users know how it is like :)


ben said...

Pe XDA cei care au testat au reportat ca sunt cateva aplicatii de Vodafone in plus Kernelul folosit este unul mai vechi decat la KQG iar bug-ul in TW Launcher e prezent, nu a fost rezolvat. Deci nu are nici o imbunatatire

JZack Nizam said...

I already update my galaxy s plus to 2.3.6 using the kies. but my google play store cant download and update the apps. what wrong with it.. is that part of the update. help me..

Demian Sorin said...

Hi JZack Nizam ,first witch 2.3.6 u have ?
Dont understand,google play cant update apps installed on your phone?

Ps. not recommended to update firmware from Kies directly :(

If you dont find any solutions then reflash via Odin(read carefully all the procedures,how to !!! if you do it for the first time).

Demian Sorin said...

Or just reinstall google play.. maybe it works :)

JZack Nizam said...

Demian sorin.
i already reinstall google play. but its still cant dowload and update apps to my phone.
should i reflash Via odin. can u suggest where i can get the official firmware..

JZack Nizam said...

My baseband version i9001dxle1
Thanks alot demian sorin

Demian Sorin said...

You can find firmwares on the "Lates firmware" page ... Is your google account settings ok?sync,etc.


Demian Sorin said...

You welcome ;)